QuestionsTourism-AdviceI’m due to come Mauritius soon! Is it going to rain?
Anonymous asked 4 months ago

I'm due to come Mauritius soon! Is it going to rain? What's the weather like in North Mauritius lately? Is it sunny? 🌞/🌧️
Not sure what to pack!

Martine Daurat Mungoven answered 4 months ago

Weather is hars to predict on a tropical island

Christa Vanhecke answered 4 months ago

Wherever I go. I always take a light plastic cape in my bag. It doesn’t take space and it is very cheap.

Prem Chetan Gopall answered 4 months ago

The climate is not 100% predictable in a Tropical Island. Might rain the next two days but it’s for a short period. It is hot and for sure will be very sunny

Kurs Tyna answered 4 months ago

Summer clothes. Mosquito sprays or cream. No need for jumper since it will be super hot and sunny
You can get your umbrella here in case it rains.

Christian Lee answered 4 months ago

Best time to come is in September and October…. not too hot, not too humid,no risk of cylones,flash flood..

Martin Beffert - Mauritius answered 4 months ago

Summer clothes, a rain coat and an umbrella should be enough!

Janine Egan answered 4 months ago

It’s very hot, rain or not. Pack light clothes and a sun hat, sun cream and insect repellent.

Benjamin Wood answered 4 months ago

A bit of rain, mostly sunny, constantly hot

Marie Brayshaw answered 4 months ago

Mauritius welcome you
Don’t forget each shoes

Gone Go answered 4 months ago

Get ready for cyclone …weather forecast for cyclonic weather starting from new years eve with heavy rainfall

San Ya answered 4 months ago

January is a rainy month

Hazel Dodge answered 4 months ago

Just go and embrace the whole experience

Marie Claire Winward answered 4 months ago

The weather is unpredictable everywhere.

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