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Anonymous asked 4 months ago
Quick rules related post Please ensure you read the group rules, as I’ve had to ban a lot of people today for private messaging people that have not asked for it. Unless people ask you to PM them, you will be immediately banned if reported, so don’t do it.Also anything with links, instagram, you tube or website links are not seen, so won’t be approved as it’s pointless. You need to post directly into the group any videos or photos.Sales posts will not be approved without prior approval, we have a schedule for posts to keep the group happy. The group is for questions and experiences, so if you don’t like a post, just ignore it! Other people will answer it if you don’t want to.PS the weather is hot hot hot right now, protect yourself from the sun and keep hydrated. 💦
Gertrude Allet Perrine answered 4 months ago

Thanks for all i do like this group

Fed Legrand answered 4 months ago

Kindly pin the post as it will disappear in a few hours

Taxi Mauritius Sam 24/7 answered 4 months ago

Thanks a lot the admin and.moderator and took à long time.but at last.necessary steps taken and much appreciated as so many.visitors queries ends up with relatives post recommending their own husband and fathers companies…It’s a place where visitors should post their expériences and I guess that’s the point of we love it..

Rosemonde Cheerkoot answered 3 months ago

Am really happy to be a member of my lovely Island 🙏🤩👍❤️

Pradip Koirala answered 3 months ago


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    Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam, also referred to as Chacha is to Mauritians what Mahatma Gandhi is to Indians. He played a vital role in Mauritius' freedom struggle. He also established free education, health care service, social security and introduced the old age pension. He is often referred to as Father of the nation.
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