QuestionsTourism-AdviceIs there a way to help poor kids in orphanages etc in Mauritius?
Anonymous asked 4 months ago
Wondering if there are any ‘ poor ‘ villages in Mauritius ? We are travelling over September next year , and I’ve been to Africa and India in the past to help children in orphanages etc , my kids are very very much wanting to help in some way and bring presents and play with kids who don’t have as much , which made me wonder if there was a way to help while we are over there ?

Rubina Seetharamdoo answered 4 months ago

There is no poor village here .But there is some poor people indeed.If you want to help Join Harvest TV they are doing a great job to help the poor around the Island.52531555

Khateejah Joomun answered 4 months ago

That’s wonderful of you.❤️ Some orphanages can be contacted as per this list. Every little helps of course.

Uma Devi answered 4 months ago

Great thought & thank you for this!
Yes there are poor people in my homeland too. They will appreciate your loving gesture & be grateful to you. You already have a list above of some orphanages & you can Google tff NGOs address & contact nos.
God bless your family for your kind gestures. Enjoy the Mauritian vibes & hospitality. Go back refreshed & rejuvenated in body, mind & spirit.

Meezu Bebe Nounou answered 4 months ago

Contact M Kid Mauritius. They help a lot of orphan. They can arrange play time wz ur kids

Vishal Vishal answered 4 months ago

You’ll be blessed , Keep it up
All my Respect to you and surroundings 👍

Ginette Dairion answered 4 months ago

Of course there are !!! Tourists only see the beaches & hotels like the the Bahamas … get on a local bus and go around …. Skip the tourist attraction … be a safe traveler and enjoy the culture Mauritius island !

Eric De Fontenay answered 4 months ago

Hi Candace ! I really appreciate your approach. THANK YOU in advance for them ! A few minutes ago I posted something in appreciation to some people who helped me in finding a solution for a poor, almost homeless, 90 y.o. couple. People like YOU ! Without them, as willing as i am, i could have done NOTHING.
Overall, Caritas does do a decent job, with minimal overheads..

Vina Ramalingum answered 4 months ago

Very laudable thoughts 🙏🙏🙏.. indeed there are many needy people here . There are many NGO , you can contact them .. I am myself in an NGO who is organizing an event today , one day activities for needy children with a activities, lunch , distribution of Xmas gift and a foodstuff bag for their family.. with the end of year many NGOs are organizing such event …

Have a nice stay in our island, enjoy the sea, sun, sand and sky of our island..

Ally Deljoor Paul answered 4 months ago

Hello and welcome to Mauritius 🇲🇺.
Me and some friends use to help children here.we know different places where they are in need.
You can contact Feroz Deljoor to organise on w/app +23057346069.
Moreso nawshad taxi/guide is the one to be with to visit the island .w/app +23057251400.Latter also knows where we use to donate to children

Pramod Kumar Shamjhu answered 4 months ago

Appreciated, i also perform social works like this, you can contact me, we can plan something like this when you are here….

Jane Forster answered 4 months ago

Thank you for raising your children to be real citizens of the world, who want to know the world from both sides of the track at such a young age. You can be very proud of them. And thank you for such a kind gesture! Enjoy Mauritius!

Christopher Laurenz answered 4 months ago

You can contact Rotary. They will know the more needy of situations and projects in each area in Mauritius.

Nirat Rth answered 4 months ago

Caritas at port louis
they will redirect you towards families in need

Princess Gina answered 4 months ago

Don’t have words to thank you for your gesture

Fatima Dockrat answered 4 months ago

Lovely thought …good luck …and thank you

Carene Modeste answered 4 months ago

Caritas Ile Maurice can help you, they look after so much families.

Divesh Guttee answered 4 months ago

Please talk to Priscille Noel, she works with NGO’s

Anastasie Sunassee Etwar answered 4 months ago

Wow! This is real tourism!
Thanking you and ur family

Perne Kesia answered 4 months ago

you are welcome ..yes in mauritius we have poor people…i know a place who need most .the place will shock you ..if you want a can arrange for a visit you will see with your own eyes…

Cathy Gi answered 4 months ago

We have a fondation Mission Papillon and we help shelters and poor people . So any thing for kids we take garments toys etc

Tas Lee Mah answered 4 months ago
This guy feeds poor kids and homeless people.
He recently requested people if they can contribute for school stationaries.

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