QuestionsTransportation-FlightsDo we need to check in online or we can do it at the airport?
Anonymous asked 4 months ago

Good evening
We are flying from Gatwick (UK ) to Mauritius tomorrow, with Air Mauritius. It’s our first long haul flight, we don’t know exactly if we need to check in online or we can do it at the airport. We are confused about the seats as well. Do we need to buy them? Or they will allocate them automatically?
Thank you in advance 🫶🏼

Jane Elliott answered 4 months ago

You should be able to check in online and seats will be allocated or you can do it at the airport

Selena Peters answered 4 months ago

We had checked in on line but then had to queue again at Gatwick to check in again. I did actually pay to choose our seats but I think you also have the option to just be allocated at check in so I think you can just wait to check in at Gatwick. Safe travels

Garry Drew answered 4 months ago

Top tip. Don’t drink alcohol on the flight as it disturbs your sleep. Take a piriton or phenegan after you’ve eaten onboard, then should sleep for a few hours.

Trisha Ann Carsberg answered 4 months ago

So are you flying direct from Gatwick?
It will be our first time this year. Where are you staying xx

Taxi Mauritius Aman Sohun answered 4 months ago

Hi contact Taxi mauritius Aman sohun and guide WhatsApp me to make your transfer to aeroport to hotel and to make your excursion around mauritius island

David McDonald answered 4 months ago

Check in now and select your free seat, some are pay extra like extra legroom.
I always try and get over the wing then you don’t get engine noise.
There should be a 13amp plug socket to plug in a laptop or other equipment to maintain power, under the seat.
The headphone socket is the 2 mono plug type, so take an adapter.
I always get a special meal as they are served first and you get first dibs on the loo after the cardboard food takes hold.
One annoying problem I found is the call button is next to the light button on the overhead panel and its easy get them mixed up.

Nicole Paulat answered 4 months ago

Je vous souhaite un Bon vol et un agréable séjour 😊👋👋👋

Corinna Ozturk answered 4 months ago

Online check in opens 24 hours before the flight. If you don’t like the seats allocated you ‘may’ be able to change them

Chitra Jeebodhun answered 4 months ago

I personally think that check in online before is better. Just avoids the hassle to do it at the airport.

I did get free seats to get there but returning I chose to pay as we were a big family and wanted to be seated near.

I also normally request for special meal (usually Asian vegetarian – normally get biryani or paneer). You get served one of the first people which is nice. Sometimes they run out of food choices so you may be left with whatever they have so I think its best to avoid by selecting meals from before.

My flight to Mauritius was incredibly warm but the weather here was cold so I wore something I could comfortably change out of.

The flight itself with AM was fairly comfortable.

Melanie Jane answered 4 months ago

We have booked with air Mauritius for November will be interested in some on-board pictures of economy seats please thanks enjoy

Dawn Hyde answered 4 months ago

Just jumping on this post sorry
Do they serve alcohol throught the flight? Prob be asleep most of it but if wanted a couple after the meal ?? Thanks

Martin Woodin answered 4 months ago

We flew out on Wednesday, we checked in online 30 hours before take off. Easy! We had already bought seats, not that expensive, because we wanted the two seats on the A330-900 neo.
On boarding we found they had changed the aircraft to an A350 but they still gave us our two seats, leaving the third one empty! Result! I am 6ft and the leg room was great, no problem. The food was also very tasty which was a nice surprise. Drinks served with the meal and a top up after. We always have a whisky nightcap and a short walk down to the galley and that was sorted.
All in all a very good flight. Would we fly with them again? Oh yes!

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