QuestionsTransportation-FlightsWhat is the best way of transporting bottles of rum back home?
Anonymous asked 4 months ago
Hi I’m currently in Mauritius and I’ve brought 5 nice bottles of rum from Chamarel I’m flying home today with emirates via Dubai what is the best way in transporting these bottles in our carry on or in our suitcases?

Marc Dupavillon answered 4 months ago

You will not be able in your carry on ( no more than 3oz of liquid in a bottle ) so wrap them up in your clothing and hope not to smell like a lush when you pick up your suitcases on the flip side !

Janine Brown answered 4 months ago

If I’m correct you can’t put much liquid of any sort in your carry on. We wrapped our rum in bubble wrap inbetween our clothes and everything got home in one piece

Rajen Ramah answered 4 months ago

Not in carry-on…ask for a FRAGILE sticker at check in..

Vanessa Johnson answered 4 months ago

do not take in your carry on luggage as they will take it away from you at security check point. I lost all my run that way earlier this year. Must be in your check in luggage

Vanessa Johnson answered 4 months ago

sorry should be rum

Patrick Louise answered 4 months ago

Don’t think you be allowed to bring 5 bottles back to your country?

Fareed Mohamedhosen answered 4 months ago

Recommendation try not to consume
Alcohol is dangerous to your health
No need to carry with you
Better destroy it before it destroy you
Almighty God Bless Ameen

Malcolm Kerswell answered 4 months ago

Best way to transport is in your belly 🥃🥃🥃

Mark Russell answered 4 months ago

It has to be in your hold luggage 🧳 check your countries limits, the UK 🇬🇧 is 1 litre, they do know what you have, so if stopped you will lose it unless you declare it!

Vitus Hoffmann answered 4 months ago

put it in your hand luggage, security staff will then be happy to take them from you and drink it themselves ^^

Jai Raj answered 4 months ago

Adam Bradbury – get some sturdy boxes and partition them into compartments for each bottle. Bubblewrap each bottle for extra protection.

Make sure they’re packed in such a way that they don’t shake or bump anything. Then layer clothes around, under and on top of the boxes. Your drinks should survive the journey in the suitcase without any issues.

Jane Mann answered 4 months ago

Pack it well in your suitcase. As it’s not duty free you can bring 4 litres back into the UK, if that’s where you’re traveling to.

Daksha Moodley answered 4 months ago

You can’t carry on more than 100ml!

Bakker Harry answered 4 months ago

I did it also in my journeys
Never had a problem
If you get picked out, and they ask if you have anything, just say yes some liquor,, pay the taxes. But I whas never pulled out

Saras Pather answered 4 months ago

From a program I’ve watched……. when a plane ✈️ lands…….. baggay is put onto a conveyor belt and bags are scanned……. so be cautious!
My opinion only 👍🏼

Suren J Jag answered 4 months ago

Put them in your check in luggage. Pad the bottes well with clothing. Declare them at customs at arrival. Hope these rums are worth it.

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