QuestionsTransportation-FlightsPlease post things to do in Mauritius for a 16 hour layover in the airport
Anonymous asked 4 months ago
Please post things to do in Mauritius for a 16 hour layover in the airport

Christian Scholz answered 4 months ago

16hrs in this airport? I would go mad. Book a hotel nearby

Mark N Sherl Theisinger answered 4 months ago

Snorkeling down south, Blue Bay Area close to Airport..

Tim Purcell answered 4 months ago

Pretend you’re Tom Hanks.

Paul Glover answered 4 months ago

Stand in a check in queue!

LG Modun answered 4 months ago

16 hours??? What time do you land? Take a hand luggage and get out…hit Blue Bay beach.go to a local hotel ?

Va Kil answered 4 months ago

Get a fat book

Michael Rajnat answered 4 months ago

Visit Blue Bay Beach, not far from the airport.

Simi Rajkoomar answered 4 months ago

Blue bay. Go on the glass bottom boats u might see turtles

Hossein Banharally answered 4 months ago

Blue bay beach, hotel le chaland.. Maherbourg market depend what time of day. Hope that helps.

Cindy Cheung answered 4 months ago

You can either go to relax at the beach near the airport, blue bay is a good option or go to Mahebourg and explore the village. Here’s a video of Mahebourg that I did when I was there:

Gem Or answered 4 months ago

Go to preskil hotel in blue bay.

Sarada ImmortalPr answered 4 months ago

Go to Pointe d’esny and blue bay beach for the day!

Hunter Shikari answered 4 months ago

Eat, free wifi, toilet, eat, free wifi,sleep, toilet, eat ,

Monique Atmart answered 4 months ago

Go to Chantauvent Guest House Mauritius for a meal.. a swim.. and a time of your 16hrs.. close to airport..
Ask for a room so you can also freshen up… enjoy

John Turnbull answered 4 months ago

Visit one of the hotels on blue bay…minutes from airport

Gone Go answered 4 months ago

Preskil hotel

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