QuestionsTransportation-FlightsBritish Airways cancelled our flight from London Gatwick to Mauritius
Anonymous asked 9 months ago

British Airways cancelled our flight from London Gatwick to Mauritius, leaving over 300 passengers stranded and unable to check into their hotels. This will have a negative impact on the local economy as these passengers will not be spending money. We were told to find our own accommodations near Gatwick. We will provide an update on the situation later today, if possible.

Indira Bond answered 9 months ago

Ohh no what a shame Why ??

Paul Oosthuizen answered 9 months ago

My friend flew BA earlier this year, had a very poor experience. He sat on the runway for two hours before plane headed back to the gate. He landed a day later. The reasons chopped and changed. Best to fly Air Mauritius .

Beverley Surmon answered 9 months ago

They are SO unreliable!

Wendy Trotter answered 9 months ago

I’m flying with Emirates in three weeks

Jon Evans answered 9 months ago

Such a shame for you. Also a load of people in Mauritius presumably delayed getting home too as there will be no return flight.

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    When first discovered by Arab Sailors back in 975, the island was called Dina Arobi. It was christened as Mauritius several centuries later when the Dutch Squadron landing at Grand Port in 1598 named it Mauritius in honour of Prince Maurice Van Nassau, stadtholder of the Dutch Republic
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