QuestionsTransportation-FlightsWe may not make it to Mauritius next week – travel company gone bust :(
Anonymous asked 4 months ago
Well we may not make it to Mauritius next week! The intermediate travel company that all the agents use have gone bust! Leaving all Mauritius and Maldives holidays hanging by a thread! There’s a meeting tonight apparently.

Christa Vanhecke answered 4 months ago

Oh, no! I hope they can fix the problems!

Sarah Lake answered 4 months ago

First I’ve heard of it and I’m an agent, but I book directly with hotels.
Who’s the intermediary ?

Danielle Stuart answered 4 months ago

Which intermediary company is this please ?

Seendy Ramoutar answered 4 months ago

Oh no!!! Nightmare 🫣. Hopefully will be resolved

Tina Jones answered 4 months ago

Which company?

Margaret Ramsay answered 4 months ago

Which country? I’ve googled it and no results ? ALL Maldives and Mauritius you say ? We are doing both this year !😳

Michelle Benjamin answered 4 months ago

Booking directly with hotels and airlines, that’s a safe travel plan. Sorry about your holiday, hope you’re at least reimbursed.

Hazel Dodge answered 4 months ago

Oh no, keeping fingers crossed for you.

Helen Morris Ruffle answered 4 months ago

I don’t know the company. I’ll find out tomorrow. But our trip is looking dodgy!

Kimberly Phillips answered 4 months ago

Following …

Troy Middleton answered 4 months ago


Colin Graham answered 4 months ago

Maybe you aren’t able to name the intermediary company for obvious reasons however, the way this post is worded is likely to cause panic among some of those who already have holidays booked.

Julia Paviour answered 4 months ago

Who is it that’s gone bust?

John Sutton answered 4 months ago

Not a member of ABTA either. That’s never a good sign.

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