“There is no tension between the three parties (Editor’s note: Ptr-MMM-PMSD),” says Navin Ramgoolam. The leader of the Labor Party answered questions from journalists following his meeting with the leader of the Mauritian Militant Movement (MMM), Paul Bérenger and that of the Mauritian Social Democratic Party (PMSD), Xavier-Luc Duval at Riverwalk, this Wednesday afternoon April 3.

“Discussions have progressed. We have to be careful to make sure that our government is there, otherwise it's over. The country remains our priority. We can’t wait to see you there,” said Navin Ramgoolam. Do you feel that pressure from the MSM will succeed in dividing this alliance (Editor's note: Ptr-MMM-PMSD)? “Li ti a kontan diviz nou li. “Li pour res reve”, the leader of the reds had to answer.

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