Many people have received a false message from the Mauritius Post regarding a parcel. Those who didn't buy anything online ignored the message, while others were duped and scammed.

In recent days, suspicious SMS messages from international numbers, allegedly from Mauritius Post, have been sent, announcing the arrival of packages. These messages often contain shortened links that can redirect to malicious sites.

There are people who, unfortunately, have fallen into the trap, especially those who are waiting for packages following online purchases. KR is one of them. “When I received the message, I didn't think to check the number. I just clicked on the link and put in my details as requested. It was during the day that I understood that it was a scam when I saw a hole of Rs 16,000 in my bank account,” he laments. She has since filed a police report.

Others, like AM, remain vigilant. After receiving a similar message, she became suspicious. “As soon as I received this message, I was on my guard. I know that usually the post office does not send a message. When I checked the number, I knew it was a fake message and that it was a scam,” she explains, recommending caution.

Mauritius Post Ltd warns against phishing scams. “Mauritius Post Ltd (MPL) draws the public's attention to the fact that its name is associated with emails or messages allegedly sent by Mauritius Post Ltd inviting you to click on a link and requesting payments for parcels. The Mauritius Post Ltd hereby informs members of the public that this is a fraudulent link and requests them to refrain from accessing the link below,” advises the post office.

It is recommended not to click on the links in these messages and to check directly with Mauritius Post if you are expecting a package. If in doubt, it is always best to contact the Post Office directly through official means to confirm any communication received.

“MPL strives to raise awareness of the risks associated with such scams by providing information about such scams on its website. Members of the public are advised, if they believe they have been victims of a scam, to report the matter to the police,” the post said.

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