Substances used in the manufacture of synthetic drugs have been seized by the Police Head Quarters Special Striking Team (PHQ SST). Having precise information, on April 22, investigators led by Superintendent Ashik Jagai carried out a raid on an international parcel warehouse located in Pailles. On site, the police carried out checks on a package that had arrived in the country since April 1 from China. During this examination, they discovered substances used in the manufacture of synthetic drugs.

The package, which was intended for a mechanical garage located in Pamplemousses, was sealed. When weighing, it indicates a weight of one kilo. This substance, which the police suspect of being used in the manufacture of drugs, is estimated at Rs 15 million. It was sent to the Forensic Scientific Laboratory for examination.

Subsequently, investigators carried out a Controlled Delivery exercise in the north of the island. A young man aged 22, Arbaaz Samodhee, employed in a tuning store, came forward to take delivery of this package. He was immediately placed under arrest. This resident of Plaine-Verte is the subject of a provisional charge of “Attempt To Possess Material To Be Used For The Preparation Of Dangerous Drug”. He remains in police custody.

This seizure highlights a trick used by the bosses which consists of separately importing different components used in the manufacture of synthetic drugs. Once all the components have arrived in the country, the “chemists” working on behalf of drug kingpins set about mixing them to produce the “Synthetic Cannabinoids”. This drug, which is very widespread across the country, is sold at Rs 100 per dose in various drug dealers across the country.

In December 2023, a group of alleged synthetic drug manufacturers fell into the clutches of the airport's anti-drug squad. The trio Andy Ambea, Daniket Rummun and Vinesh Ruttun came to Flic-en-Flac to recover powders considered to be essential in the manufacture of synthetic drugs.

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