Despite his multiple stays behind bars and his countless arrests, Arbaaz Farhaan Nobeebux, alias Ti-Toto, persists and signs. Suspected of stealing motorcycles, this 25-year-old from Goodlands was once again put out of action by the criminal police.

In June 2018, Arbaaz Farhaan Nobeebux, then 19, became infamous after the death of his 13-year-old wife, who was three months pregnant. He was arrested for the offense of “causing a child to be sexually abused”. This time, the repeat offender finds himself involved in several motorcycle thefts in the north of the island. He would also be the main suspect in several cases of violent robbery.

The North, its playground

Actively sought by the police, Ti-Toto had left the village of Goodlands in the hope of escaping the authorities. However, he was arrested for the umpteenth time, on January 19 in a wasteland in Vallée-Pitot by the squad of Inspector Ramasawmy and Sergeant Krishna Nair of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Goodlands. During a search of his hideout, police recovered a motorcycle without a license plate stolen from the Caudan Waterfront.

During his interrogation, he admitted to other cases of motorcycle theft in Goodlands, Grand-Gaube, Trou-aux-Biches and Grand-Baie. He also mentioned that he and his accomplice, Vansraj Soodeehul, used one of the stolen motorcycles to carry out acts of violent theft, including three during the day of January 6 alone. That day, the two men stole a first two-wheeler from the parking area of ​​a supermarket located in Goodlands. Then, they went to Grand-Baie where they abandoned the motorcycle there before stealing another one on which they traveled the streets of the northern coast. In Pereybère, they attacked a 41-year-old woman who was walking along this street. After spotting their target, they slowed down their motorcycle before snatching the forty-year-old's handbag which contained an iPhone and a pair of sunglasses. The value of the loot is estimated at Rs 50,000. After carrying out their misdeed, seeing that the motorcycle's tank was almost empty, the criminals headed towards La Croisette, in Grand-Baie. There, they abandoned the used motorcycle and stole a new one.

On January 11, Arbaaz Farhaan Nobeebux and another accomplice, a certain Creig Christopher Merville, attacked a 67-year-old woman in Mont-Choisy. They pretended to ask her for information, before snatching her handbag which contained money, a telephone and documents.

In June 2021, in Pereybère, Ti-Toto stole the wallet of a woman who was walking in the street. The day before, he had attacked a 79-year-old French national who was in a restaurant in La Salette, Grand-Baie. In May 2020, the repeat offender was involved in the theft of a mountain bike worth Rs 90,000. For this offense, he was sentenced to three weeks in prison.

He tears off his mother's chain

The members of his family are not spared from his escapades. In August 2021, during a violent argument with his 45-year-old mother, he did not hesitate to tear off his chain. In June 2021, armed with a sword, he was accused of violent theft from a police officer, stealing his bracelet and injuring him in the process. Two years earlier, he was apprehended for stealing the motorcycle of a 15-year-old minor in the north of the island.

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