• Identified, suspect Jordan remains untraceable

A tragedy that occurred in Ellipe Road, Bambous, in the early hours of Friday, May 31, caused great excitement in the locality. Wilfrid Marzello Baillache, 70, was killed by a resident of this western village. What was supposed to be a three-way party – with his companion Cornelis Jansen, a 67-year-old Dutchman, and another man – turned into a deadly burglary.

The septuagenarian and his companion were party animals.
The septuagenarian and his companion were party animals.

A suspect, a man named Jordan, living in Bambous, was able to be identified thanks to images from surveillance cameras. He had been invited by the couple Wilfrid Baillache and Cornelis Jansen, he would have taken the opportunity to burglarize the house, which led to the death of the Mauritian. He fled in the car of the owners of the premises, which he abandoned in Cité La Ferme, Bambous.

As of yesterday (Friday May 31), the Major Crimes Investigation Team (MCIT) was on the trail of one Jordan. Cornelis Jansen's version is considered 'damning' against him. The suspect is actively sought.

On Friday afternoon, the autopsy carried out by the head of forensic medicine, Dr Sudesh Kumar Gungadin, attributed the death of Wilfrid Baillache to strangulation. The funeral is planned for Sunday, June 2, at the St-Jean cemetery.

According to the information obtained, Wilfrid Baillache and Cornelis Jansen had taken up residence in Bambous for several years, where they lived in an inn on Ellipe Road. The couple occupied the ground floor of the house and rented the first floor to foreigners for short stays in the country.
To return to the fateful evening, the couple had invited the man named Jordan for an evening during which alcohol flowed freely. But what was supposed to be a fun moment took a dramatic turn.

Around 1 a.m., Cornelis Jansen triggered the house alarm using the “panic button” to alert the police and agents of a private security company. This is how the security agents arrived and discovered the macabre scene. The police have been informed. Wilfrid Baillache was found lifeless, on the ground, tied up and in his underwear.

The first theory put forward by the investigators is that the Baillache/Jansen couple was attacked by the suspect Jordan during this drunken evening. The suspect did not appreciate certain practices of this naughty evening and became violent. He allegedly took advantage of the fact that the couple was intoxicated to immobilize them and attack them before stealing their personal belongings. But during a struggle, Wilfrid Baillache fell violently to the ground, suffering significant injuries to his skull. His companion, in a weak position, was able to trigger the alarm. He gave his version of events to the police.

No footprint left

Elements of the Scene of Crime Office (SOCO) of the Western Division also took DNA samples from the bank cards and cell phones found in the house. According to indications, the suspect took everything. The companion's wallet was also recovered, empty. “There was money in it,” Cornelis Jansen told police. The suspect also took care not to leave any footprints in the house. The cigarette butts and glass he used were not found.

Suspect captured on CCTV camera

The police are in possession of CCTV footage from private cameras in the area. Around 10 p.m. Thursday evening, the man named Jordan was seen in the streets of the neighborhood. He was walking towards the couple's house and was seen in front of the door of Wilfrid Baillache's house. Then he returned to the house. Hours later, footage shows the couple's car leaving the scene before the first police vehicles arrived some time later. He is currently untraceable.

Mario Baillache: “Let the police find the murderer as quickly as possible”

Mario Baillache is overwhelmed. “My brother loved life. He was a party animal and popular in the neighborhood. He had studied in Belgium and worked in the Netherlands. Wilfrid was passionate about his profession as a nurse. Upon retirement, after 40 years in Europe, he returned to Mauritius 10 years ago with Cornelis Jansen. We only learned of their marriage upon his return. Kan linn returns ki linn dir nou zot ti marye. The Japanese family who found their way back to Lapolis will continue to do so,” confides Mario.

A neighbor: “Paret enn dimounn ki konn lakaz-la bien”

A neighbor viewed the surveillance camera footage. He told Défi Plus that it was an individual who knew the deceased's house well. “It’s a good thing to do well,” he confides. According to him, the individual arrived at Wilfrid Baillache's house in the evening and easily gained access to the house. Then, he said he saw the couple's car leaving the scene later. But it was only afterwards that he was alerted by the barking of dogs. “I then went out and saw the police.” He said he thought it was a case of theft and it wasn't until Friday morning that he learned his neighbor had been killed.

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