Shakeel Mohamed believes that Yogida Sawnynaden cannot say that he has been cleared. According to him, the former Minister of Commerce does not emerge from the “Constituency Clerk” affair with political virginity. Furthermore, the leader of the opposition says he is “very eager” to cede this position to Arvin Boolell. He maintains that the latter has the qualities to do just as well in the National Assembly and highlights the “strong team spirit” that exists among Labor Party parliamentarians. “Moreover, he is diplomatic, which I am not,” underlines the red elected official.

Shakeel Mohamed, are you ready to pass the torch of opposition leader to Arvin Boolell?
Yes. Besides, I'm very eager to do it. First, Arvin Boolell has recovered from his intervention and since he is recovered, I would like him to take the position. The position of opposition leader fell to him after the resignation of Xavier-Luc Duval. It's as simple as that. Moreover, I would like to emphasize that the position of leader of the opposition does not belong to anyone. By doing this, I demonstrate that I am not attached to positions. It is my contribution to the advancement of the country's democracy that matters most to me.

What is your assessment of your time as leader of the opposition?
To tell you frankly, I know that the Prime Minister, Pravind Jugnauth, is scared to death every Tuesday. You know why ? He fears that one of my questions will be directed at him. I know, moreover, that some ministers are afraid. In fact, they ask me in advance if I have a question for them so that they have more time to prepare. With this handover, it is only the Prime Minister who will be relieved, because I will no longer be leader of the opposition. He will sleep soundly.

And yet, some say you look more dynamic than Arvin Boolell…
You know, everyone has their own style. Arvin Boolell has qualities, just like me. He excels in certain areas and I in others. He is diplomatic on certain subjects, which I am not. We can say that we complement each other. Labor Party (Ptr) parliamentarians have a strong team spirit.

The Prime Minister, Pravind Jugnauth, says he is “ready” to face the next “tenor” who will be leader of the opposition…
Look, it's easy for a child, in a playground, to hide behind his big brother and say that he is the strongest. The Prime Minister, Pravind Jugnauth, hides behind the Speaker of the National Assembly and he tends to say that he is the strongest. In fact, he lives in a parallel world where he believes that it is normal that there is a guard dog in front of him, and where he considers that it is completely normal not to give answers to the National Assembly. As I told you, the person who will sleep the best from Monday onwards will be the Prime Minister.

Let's talk about something else. A few words on the benefit of the doubt given to Yogida Sawmynaden?
First, the term “benefit of the doubt” itself says a lot. The magistrate expressed doubts about the possible guilt of the defendant. It's just that the doubts expressed are not enough to demonstrate his guilt. Therefore, any doubt must be interpreted in favor of the accused. For me, it is important to have a “clean record” and above all “there should be no doubt on my honesty”. It's the term “doubt” that bothers me the most in this verdict… Do you think I have confidence in the police investigation carried out in the Yogida Sawmynaden case? Let's not forget that he has a lawyer of the caliber of Raouf Gulbul. And, when a Prime Minister comes to claim victory after a benefit of the doubt verdict, it clearly demonstrates that his standards are non-existent.

Do you think Yogida Sawmynaden has been cleared as a politician?
Yogida Sawmynaden cannot say that he has been cleared if the Court's verdict includes the word “doubt”. Doubt should not exist. Besides, the people do not forgive when there is doubt. Yogida Sawmynaden, like it or not, is not coming out of this affair with a political virginity. It's a shame for him! The term “doubt” is Yogida Sawmynaden’s ball and chain and I feel sad for him, because it’s not a clear victory.

For you, would a return of Yogida Sawmynaden to the Cabinet, or even a ticket in the next general elections, be seen as an insult to the electorate?
One more insult from the Prime Minister, Pravind Jugnauth, would not surprise me!

Shakeel Mohamed, the 2024-2025 Budget will be presented in exactly one week. Some say it will be a “diabetes budget” while others put forward the term “social resilience”. And you ?
I will answer you with a question. How much must they spend so that the people will forgive them their sins and forget what happened? In any case, I think that the people are not for sale.

Joe Lesjongard, however, made it clear last Friday that “the population will get what they deserve” in this budget. It's a sentence full of meaning…
Joe Lesjongard is a person who knows the business of politics and the business of re-election very well. But for me, politics is not a business.

What are your expectations regarding the 2024-2025 Budget?
What I would like to see in the 2024-2025 Budget are measures concerning parallel importation in several departments, such as clothing, electronics, spare parts for cars, or even food, among others . I would like the monopoly to disappear and anyone wanting to import goods to be able to do so. Parallel importation will promote job creation and consumers will thus be able to benefit from a 30 to 40% reduction in prices. The goal will be to create an environment where people will depend on their own efforts.

A few words on the controversy sparked by the distribution of quilts by Minister Alan Ganoo?
There is a constituent from constituency no. 14 (Savanne/Rivière-Noire) who told me this: “Late last ti fer fre, me pa ti won kwet. »

This controversy revives the debate on the introduction of a code of conduct for candidates during elections. Do you support a legally enforceable code of conduct?
Of course there needs to be a code of conduct with the force of law! Nothing stopped the government from introducing such a law. He just doesn't want this code of conduct. Otherwise, how will they win the elections? Unfortunately for them, despite this, they will lose the elections.

You seem very sure of yourself…
And I am, believe me! The PTr-MMM-ND alliance has a much stronger balance than that of the opposing team. We want to change the country forever. And it is the only alliance that proposes fundamental changes.

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