Sitting on an ejection seat at Manchester United, Erik Ten Hag could leave his post before the start of the transfer window on June 14. This is due to his team's eighth place in the English league this year. However, he won the FA Cup by dominating Manchester City in the final on Saturday May 25, as well as the League Cup in the 2022/2023 season. But his results did not convince the leaders of the Mancunian club. Several media outlets have even been announcing his possible dismissal for months. But what do Manchester United fans think? We asked them the question, and they are unanimous in saying that the Dutch coach must stay for at least another year…

Adam, a resident of Mahébourg: “Give him time to prove himself”

AdamI think Erik Ten Hag should stay. He has only been in charge of the team for two years and has already won two trophies. He needs more time! How can he succeed if the management does not give him the necessary funds to compete with other teams in the transfer market? Manchester United are not in their current place; This is a club that should be fighting for the title.

Veemarlen, a resident of Rose Hill: “Imagine what he could achieve with his typical team”

VeemarlenErik Ten Hag must stay! Although his team faced numerous injuries, he was still able to bring a trophy to Old Trafford to the delight of Manchester United fans. Imagine what he will be able to achieve with his typical team… So, I think we should keep him in his position.

Diane, a resident of Vieux-Grand-Port: “He seems to be on the right track”

DianePersonally, I think Ten Hag needs more time. Let's give him one more season and, if we're wrong, we can always change coaches afterwards. For now, it would be best to give him time to prove himself, because he seems to be on the right track!

Lovena, a resident of Bois-Chéri: “It would be a mistake to eject him from his post”

LovenaWe can give him one more season. Even Pep Guardiola won his first trophy, after two seasons at the club. And it was the League Cup! Ten Hag proved that although his team did not perform well in the Premier League, they still caused a sensation by beating Liverpool and Manchester City in the FA Cup. I think it would be a mistake to eject him from his post.

Yvan, a resident of Curepipe: “He hasn’t had an easy season”

YvanLet Ten Hag continue what he started. We won two trophies in two seasons, which is no small thing! And a place in the Europa League next season. Certainly, he has not had an easy season with many injuries, especially key players. And his replacements are lacking playing time. So let's give him time to refine and strengthen the team. Manchester United needs continuity and not starting over with a new coach. Let's give him one more season, and we'll see after that.

Elsha, a resident of Saint-Pierre: “Let’s leave him at his post”

Elsha.Don't touch our trainer! He made us win two trophies in two seasons, so let's not be too greedy! We don't have the means to compete with Manchester City financially, but we have young people who want to prove themselves. So let's leave him at his post.

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