The class 2 cyclone alert is maintained. This emerges from the seventh cyclone bulletin for Mauritius issued at 10:10 p.m. this Wednesday, February 21.

“At 10 p.m., strong tropical storm Eleanor was centered approximately 350 km north-northeast of Mauritius, around the point 17.6 degrees south in latitude and 59.8 degrees east in longitude. Eleanor is moving south-southwest at an accelerated speed of 25 km/h. On this trajectory, the strong tropical storm Eleanor continues to approach Mauritius and represents a potential danger for the island,” indicates the meteorological service in the cyclone bulletin.

The public in Mauritius is advised to take preliminary precautions. According to the weather forecast, clouds associated with the outer bands of the strong tropical storm are moving across the island now with moderate to heavy showers. The weather is expected to deteriorate rapidly tomorrow morning with scattered and stormy showers. Heavy downpours could cause flooding in the usual areas.

The wind will be from the east-southeast at a speed of around 30 km/h with gusts reaching 80 km/h, strengthening further tomorrow morning.

The sea will gradually become very rough to large with swells beyond the reefs and waves of 6 to 8 meters. The storm surge could cause low-lying coastal flooding to the north, east and south. Sea trips are not recommended.

The next bulletin will be issued around 4:10 a.m. tomorrow morning.

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