On the evening of Saturday June 8, 2024, a tragedy was narrowly avoided in Quatre-Bornes. A 30-year-old man tried to end his life after a domestic dispute. The rapid intervention of the police made it possible to save him in time.

According to the concubine, a 41-year-old cleaner living in Palma, a discussion with her companion degenerated. Around 7 p.m., after an argument, the young man left the home. Worried about not seeing him return, she sought help from the police.

Quatre-Bornes police officers, dispatched to the scene, found the man at the main entrance to their residence. He was in bad shape. The police immediately transported him to Victoria Hospital. The woman learned that her companion had attempted suicide by ingesting unidentified toxic substances.

The young man is hospitalized under observation, where his health is closely monitored. Due to his condition, police were unable to take a statement from him, and no evidence regarding the substances ingested could be secured.

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