The distance between the Earth and the Sun varies from 148 to 152 million kilometers. On an astronomical scale, these 4 million kilometers make no difference and have no impact on Earth, explains astronomer Bhasker Desai, executive member of the Mauritius Astronomical Society.

He thus categorically denies the “health information” currently circulating on social networks about the “aphelion phenomenon” which would cause cold on the Earth with a possible impact on the health of certain people.


This post was already published two years ago and subsequently denied. The phenomenon of aphelion does exist, however. This is an astronomical phenomenon that occurs every year when the Earth reaches the point in its orbit furthest from the Sun. Aphelion usually occurs around July 4, about two weeks after the June solstice.

This distance has no impact on the climate, says the astronomer. He emphasizes, however, that what has an influence is the inclination of the Earth's rotation of 23.5 degrees at the time of the equinox, which means that in winter, it is cold due to this ” distance” from the southern hemisphere which has less sunlight compared to the northern hemisphere. “This has nothing to do with the phenomenon of aphelion,” emphasizes Bhasker Desai.

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