Pravind Jugnauth spoke to the press alongside Finance Minister Renganaden Padayachy shortly after the budget speech was read. He made it clear that the Budget meets the expectations of the population and addresses economic challenges.

“The 2024-2025 Budget will address social equity, reward effort and consolidate stability and cohesion within our rainbow nation,” said the Prime Minister. “This is the fifth Budget of our mandate. And we will see this mandate through to the end,” recalled Pravind Jugnauth.

“The Budget presented by the Minister of Finance is similar to those I presented when I was Minister of Finance, where everything revolves around a philosophy that places the population at the center of government actions. Our economic resources must be at the service of the population. We have always believed that you need social stability to have economic stability,” he added.

“Diboute ansam ar gouvernman”

“The distribution chain is out of order. We have always spoken a language of truth. Despite the brutal impact of these events on the economy, we quickly recovered, the government having implemented appropriate measures to protect jobs and businesses. Se pourkwa nou found lepep dboute ansam ar gouvernman pou kapav remit lekonomi lor rel. We want to support the population. Especially since the major concern is the rise in prices. When the national cake grows, there is a fair share for everyone,” the Prime Minister said.

“I have exceeded the commitment made with our elders…”

Pravind Jugnauth also cited some “flagship” measures, notably the increase in the old age pension. “I have exceeded the commitment made with our elders, because the pension is beyond Rs 13,500. Those aged 60-64 will receive Rs 15,000 from January 2025, those aged 65-74, Rs 16,000 and 7-89 years old, Rs 17,500. Ankor enn fwa kouma enn governman nou pann atann enn kanpayn elektoral pou al fer lezot lanons. “Deza in her manda-the nun plans and iron provision for her on the couch,” he said.

Salary relativity

Pravind Jugnauth then returned to the monthly CSG Allowance of Rs 3,000 for those receiving the maximum sum of Rs 20,000. “Ena nee travay ki pe iron. When we forget about minimal salt, there is a relativity question that we can get from people who don't cough up anything if we don't have minimal salt. Se enn work ki dimann letan. Li pe fer actuelman par PRB o nivo sekter prive. This is the advice you need for iron. Its work to pran enn ti letan. But while waiting for the recommendations, we do not want there to be any frustrations,” the Prime Minister clarified.

Questions from the press


Finance Minister Renganaden Padayachy was asked about the inflation rate and the weakening of the rupee. “Officers from the Ministry of Commerce will visit various supermarkets to ensure that there is no price gouging of commodities. We will work so that there is no increase that does not reflect reality,” he said, before recalling that the inflation rate fell from 10.8% in 2022 to 7% in 2023. “ The trend is downward. For 2024, we are targeting an inflation rate below 5%. It goes both ways: prices at the global level, but also in relation to price controls practiced on the market,” he added.

Household gas

Another question from the press: subsidies on household gas. “The price structure includes an item entitled 'subsidies'. This is the item used to pay for all subsidies. Regarding household gas, the government is making an additional effort to add an approximate amount of Rs 200 million to apply the reduction,” explained the Minister of Finance.

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