The Reform Party is currently at the center of attention. First of all, speculation is circulating about possible negotiations for a return of the leader, Roshi Bhadain, within his former party, the MSM. Although he formally denied the allegations on his Facebook page, saying he had no contact with an MSM intermediary, some remain skeptical.

On the Reform Party side, we suspect that these rumors are mainly fueled by those close to the MMM and the PTr. According to some members, this is a strategy developed by these two parties to discredit the extra-parliamentary opposition.

Furthermore, the Reform Party faces another obstacle linked to its political alliance with En Avant Moris. Tensions have arisen between the two parties following rumors about contacts between the leader of En Avant Moris, Patrick Belcourt, and emissaries close to the Prime Minister. Reached by telephone, Patrick Belcourt said: “There will be a press briefing. It all came from a fake profile. I'm not here to make political fiction; we have more important things. »

Clarification of these questions is expected at the next meeting of the Reform Party in Beau-Bassin the following Friday. It will be interesting to see if En Avant Moris will be present at this event.

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