Water meters attract thieves. It is the high copper content of these devices which would be the cause. Several Central Water Authority (CWA) meters were stolen from Terre-Rouge. And the criminal police of this locality initiated an investigation after recording eight complaints.

In June 2023, a resident of Terre-Rouge noticed that his meter had disappeared. In October, November and December 2023, three other thefts were recorded. In January and February, three thefts were reported.

On Monday February 19, Inspector Forod's squad arrested and arrested Jean Sylvain Adelaide, the alleged perpetrator of these meter thefts. He allegedly made a confession to the police and implicated a resident of Baie-du-Tombeau to whom he sold these water meters. The criminal police also arrested the latter. He denied the thief's accusations, although the thief identified him.

The CWA counted 215 water meter thefts from private homes in 2015.

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