• The Presidency of the Reds and Finances of Xavier-Luc Duval

According to Navin Ramgoolam, the distribution of tickets (35 tickets for the PTr, 17 for the MMM, and 8 for the PMSD) had already been mentioned and is, in no case, called into question.

“It’s a formula that had already been mentioned. It is not questioned, but we are looking for solutions. » Remarks by the leader of the Labor Party (PTr), Navin Ramgoolam, to a question from the press concerning the dissatisfaction expressed around the sharing of tickets within the PTr/Mauritian Militant Movement (MMM)/Mauritian Social Democratic Party alliance ( PMSD). It was at the end of his meeting with Paul Bérenger and Xavier-Luc Duval on Wednesday April 3. A calming and clarification meeting held at the Red leader's home in Riverwalk. Navin Ramgoolam, Paul Bérenger and Xavier-Luc Duval have agreed to “resolve their differences internally”.

Facing the press, the former PM stressed that the current priority does not lie in sharing tickets. “The priority is the country. Our goal is to overthrow this government,” he said. Navin Ramgoolam also denied any cooling of relations with the MMM and the PMSD. “If there had been a cooling, we would not have met,” he stressed, specifying that another meeting between the three leaders is scheduled for this Friday and that it was also likely that a another is held before Friday “if necessary”.

The feeling within the PTr is that compromise on the distribution of tickets is not envisaged, however, proposals could be presented to the PMSD to reach a consensus. According to different sources, the leader of the PMSD would have expressed the wish to occupy the presidency of the Republic, while his son, Adrien Duval, would be placed on the Front Bench in the event of victory in the next elections. At the MMM, reluctance seems to emerge regarding the proposal to see Adrien Duval be appointed to the Front Bench.

According to our information obtained from the PTr, the MMM and the PMSD, the Reds would offer to assume the presidency in addition to the post of Prime Minister. It would be out of the question to cede the presidency to the MMM or the PMSD, due to realpolitik considerations and electoral reality. It appears that the presidency would go to a member of the Hindu community, of a specific caste, with the aim of neutralizing the MSM which has highlighted this caste through nominations.

Consequently, Xavier-Luc Duval would be given a place on the Front Bench, as well as the post of Minister of Finance. Two other ministries and the position of vice president would be allocated to PMSD members.

As for the MMM, it would accept the post of Deputy Prime Minister, which will be occupied by Paul Bérenger. The latter would also, most likely, act as mentor minister. The position of Speaker would go to a mauve.

Another feeling emerging within the PTr is that Xavier-Luc Duval will have to quickly clarify his position within the opposition alliance before Friday. Whether within the MMM or the PTr, there is no question of allowing any uneasiness to continue until next week.

Indeed, with the imminent approach of May 1, we believe, within the alliance, that it is time to accelerate preparations and mobilization campaigns. “The May 1 meeting will be decisive and will clearly send a strong signal to the population. In addition, it is obvious that if the PMSD finds itself alongside the MMM and the PTr on the platform in Port-Louis, it will then be difficult to turn back and consider any other alliance with the MSM. »

Meeting of the Reds at rue Desforges this Thursday

Navin Ramgoolam plans to discuss developments in talks with Paul Bérenger and Xavier-Luc Duval with members of his party at his second home at Rue Desforges, Port-Louis. Within the PTr, the leader is expected to give assurances about the PMSD's place within the alliance.

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