Tina Mudoo's brother is angry with the driver involved in the accident that cost his sister's life. He believes that she would still be alive if he had stopped to help her.

“Her children still need her…” Kevin, Tina Mudoo’s brother, 34, is struggling to accept her death. Especially since for him, the death of his sister, who was the mother of three children, could have been avoided. “If the driver had stopped, she would still be alive,” he says indignantly.

Wednesday evening, the Arsenal resident was in Crève-Cœur when a van hit her. She died instantly, while the driver fled. The police arrested a 65-year-old plowman. He confessed.

The victim's brother has a heavy heart. “Tina was the youngest,” Kevin says. The young woman and her two brothers had to learn to cope at a very young age. “Our mother died many years ago, when we were just children. We only had our father and he took care of us,” he continues.

Later, Tina, discreet by nature, got married. However, her relationship did not work, she left her husband. “She had a daughter who is now 14 years old. » Subsequently, she started a new life with a man living in Terre-Rouge. “Our sister was well and had two more children, but she did not remarry. She was a wonderful mother,” he says.

On Wednesday, she went to Crève-Cœur. It was in the evening that misfortune struck. “I received a call that my sister had been the victim of a hit and run. » An autopsy revealed that she died from her injuries.

The Montagne-Longue police and Northern Field Intelligence officers searched for the driver. He is a 65-year-old plowman who lives in Crève-Cœur. He explained that he panicked, which is why after the impact, he fled. He was charged in Pamplemousses court.

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