“Enn zanfan kouma li pa pou ena ankor…” The pain of Hadija, the mother of 16-year-old Umayr Noormahomed, is immense. This motorcycle and mechanic enthusiast, living in Moka, tragically lost his life in an accident on Tuesday evening.

Hadija is devastated. “Nou finn perdi enn grand trezor”, cries this mother. It highlights the personality, behavior and respect he had for his family. Ambitious and hardworking, the teenager wanted to be independent. He dropped out of school and was aware that he had to manage to help his family.

“He worked as a gas attendant at a gas station not far from the house. He wanted not to depend on anyone. He earned his pocket money this way,” explains Hadija. When he came home from work, he always brought back cakes for his little sister and his older brother. An attention that spoke volumes about his love for his family.

Passionate about mechanics and motorcycles, Umayr Noormahomed planned to follow training. “Moto ti so passion. Li ti kontan mekanik. Li ti pou al swiv enn kour,” emphasizes his father Nazeemuddin.

However, misfortune struck. On Tuesday evening, Nazeemuddin picked him up after work hours. Umayr Noormahomed then went out again on his motorcycle. However, at rue SSR, Plaine-Verte, he found himself involved in an accident with a car. He did not survive the impact. When he arrived, the emergency services noted his death. An autopsy revealed that he died of multiple injuries.

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