Mbulelo Ncetezo was officially dismissed from his position as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the Utility Regulatory Authority (URA) following a decision taken on April 8, 2024. Originally from South Africa, Mbulelo Ncetezo had been suspended from his duties on December 19, 2023. The reasons for this suspension included behavior deemed inappropriate towards recently hired interns, delays in submitting the organization's annual report, and insufficiently prepared participation in a board meeting.

However, it is the sensitive file concerning CorexSolar International Ltd which seems to have been decisive in the sanction imposed on Mbulelo Ncetezo. CorexSolar, having secured a contract from the Central Electricity Board (CEB) to set up a solar farm, was to receive approval from the URA for its electricity production. Initially, the URA board was expected to grant permission, but complications arose when reports emerged that CorexSolar had not found land to carry out its project.

Ncetezo's decision to delay the granting of the permit to CorexSolar, pending the findings of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) investigation into the contract award, has become a point of contention. This position exacerbated tensions between him and some members of the URA board of directors as well as other senior members of the organization.

Contacted by telephone, Ncetezo said: “I was summoned to receive the letter informing me of the immediate termination of my employment contract because I had been found guilty of all charges. As a result, I lost all the benefits to which I was entitled under my employment contract. Additionally, URA has not paid my prorated benefits for the period through April 8, 2024. I find it incredible that my contract could have been summarily terminated for such frivolous accusations. My impeccable reputation has been tarnished for no apparent reason. I consider this whole affair an attempt to assassinate my character and, therefore, my name must be cleared. The URA council should publish the reasons for its decision based on the report of the chairman of the disciplinary committee.”

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