Clouds coming from the eastern sector will influence the local weather at times. Cloudy periods are expected during the day and overnight with occasional showers especially on the eastern half of the island and on the central plateau, according to forecasts issued by the weather station this morning.

Showers could temporarily be of moderate intensity, especially on higher ground. Pockets of fog will be present in some places.

The maximum temperature will vary between 21 and 23 degrees Celsius on the central plateau and between 25 and 28 degrees Celsius on the coast. The minimum temperature will vary between 15 and 17 degrees Celsius on the central plateau and between 19 and 23 degrees Celsius in coastal regions overnight.

The wind will blow from the eastern sector at around 20 km/h, with peaks of 50 km/h in showers.

The sea will be rough beyond the reefs with waves reaching 3 meters. Outings on the high seas are not recommended.

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