If the good weather will be there this Monday, a few temporary showers, moderate at times, are expected in the eastern part and on the central plateau. The meteorological services also predict the formation of two low pressure areas. However, it will only be in the coming days that we will be clear on the possible scenarios. In a press release issued on Sunday, the Vacoas station highlighted that satellite images show the evolution of several tropical low pressure zones between latitudes 5 and 15 degrees south. “There are still discrepancies in the numerical models regarding the trajectory and intensity of the systems. The scenarios are changing. It will only be in two or three days that we will have more reliable information. However, it appears that there will be two areas of low pressure and one of them could intensify into a storm,” specifies a forecaster. The weather service forecasts that an area of ​​tropical low pressure southwest of Diego Garcia is expected to move southwest and dissipate.

“Another area of ​​low pressure southwest of Agalega is expected to move eastward. Available information indicates that there is a low probability that this system will gradually intensify into a moderate tropical storm. If this proves true, the system will be named Djoungou, even though it will be far north of Rodrigues. The low pressure area could influence the weather in St-Brandon on Wednesday, February 14 in the morning. Depending on its evolution, the system could influence the weather in Rodrigues from Thursday, February 15,” we indicate from Vacoas.

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