Rodriguaise Kate Elodie Volbert is much more than a simple symbol of classic elitism. Her journey has been marked by heartbreak and doubt, but what stands out is her ability to overcome obstacles and shine.

“Give everything so as not to regret anything. » This motto, which Kate Elodie Volbert has made her own, has accompanied her throughout her school career. The young Rodriguese, a student at Rodrigues College, was determined to turn her late father's dreams into reality. Proclaimed winner in the scientific sector on Wednesday February 7, she did not hesitate to dedicate this coronation to him. “It was he who always told me that I had to become a winner. Today, this reward is for you, dad,” she declared with emotion at Défi Quotidien this Wednesday.

Behind her introverted temperament, this young woman shows incredible resilience. She draws her strength from the dreams and hopes of her late father, who aspired to see her among the winners. He died while she was writing her School Certificate (SC) exams. He systematically encouraged her to aim high in her studies and to dream big, she emphasizes.

To achieve this objective, the young winner relied on the support of those close to her. But also that of his teachers. Moreover, she does not fail to thank them. “I was lucky to have teachers who constantly encouraged me and believed in me until the end. They never hesitated to clear my doubts, correct my additional homework or even give me advice when I needed it,” she testifies.

The determining influence of teachers, both academically and personally, in Kate Elodie Volbert's career is undeniable. She pays constant tribute to them, recognizing their contribution to its development. In particular, she recalls with gratitude the private teaching in mathematics provided by Daniel Speville, despite his avowed aversion to this subject during his school years. “Daniel Speville taught me that application is the key to all success, and that nothing is impossible when you fully invest yourself,” she emphasizes.

Decisive support

Kate Elodie Volbert pays tribute to Joëlle Edouard, who was able to show her that biology went well beyond a simple school subject, but that it could arouse a real passion in her. Regarding her personal development, she highlights the crucial role of Marie-Ange Biram in strengthening her self-confidence, as well as that of Samantha Gontrand, who gave her courage during a period of doubt. She also recognizes the impact of Ridana Let Shee's encouragement and the decisive support of Raissa Labor Ravina in her learning of mechanics.

Kate Elodie Volbert does not fail to talk about her relationship with her classmates. She concedes that the competitive spirit was present. But this has never been an obstacle to friendship and mutual aid. “No one hesitated to share their knowledge to help their comrades, nor to work in a group, and I think that this solidarity helped us progress,” she says.

In the testimony of her journey, Kate Elodie Volbert does not hide the obstacles on her path, particularly of an infrastructural nature. According to her, certain infrastructures do not always meet quality standards in Rodrigues, which complicates academic success.

The two periods of confinement linked to the Covid-19 pandemic were particularly trying for her. She remembers the frustration caused by the difficulties encountered, particularly due to network problems which made it difficult to access the information necessary for her studies, as well as to follow online courses. A situation which highlights the inequalities exacerbated by the pandemic and underlines the need to redouble efforts to allow all learners, regardless of their geographical location, to benefit from equitable access to online education. This involves, in particular, improving the infrastructure and technologies available.

Paid sacrifices

Faced with these obstacles, the young girl refused to resign herself to the status quo, choosing instead to focus on what she can control: her efforts, perseverance and dedication. Sacrifices that paid off! Kate Elodie Volbert embodies resilience and commitment to one's aspirations despite the obstacles encountered.

However, Kate Elodie Volbert's life is not limited only to studies. Like many young people her age, she enjoys leisure activities, particularly music from the Indian Ocean. Although she claims not to have a preference for a specific musical genre, she gets carried away by current musical trends, notably those of emerging artists from Reunion Island like PLL, the author of the viral hit Maya l' Bee. In addition, she was seduced by the suave voice of the Mauritian artist Sebby, whose essential titles Ziss toi and Until the end marked the end of the year 2023, as well as by the phenomena of the Lyon Squad collective.

Reading plays a central place in his life. She has a particular love for fictional works. Among the authors who inspire her, she mentions John Green, a contemporary American novelist famous for his poignant stories, often focused on themes of love, adolescence and the search for identity. For the winner, John Green is more than just an author. He is a source of inspiration and comfort.

His favorite book is The Perks of Being a Wallflower. This novel, which addresses themes such as introversion, loneliness and the search for oneself, touched Kate deeply. By highlighting the value of introversion and providing an authentic portrayal of the struggles and triumphs of introverted individuals, John Green played an important role in affirming Kate Elodie Volbert's identity and understanding herself .

Thus, despite the challenges and obstacles encountered on her path, Kate Elodie Volbert was able to demonstrate resilience and perseverance, guided by the memories and aspirations of her late father. Her ability to turn dreams into reality, while remaining true to herself, is an inspiring example for many of her compatriots. Beyond academic successes, it is her ability to remain faithful to her values ​​and to find meaning in each stage of her life that makes Kate Elodie Volbert a symbol.

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