Former Minister of Commerce, Yogida Sawmynaden, spoke to Défi Quotidien on Monday evening. “I took note of the decision of the Director of Public Prosecutions today (Editor's note, yesterday) and it is a real relief for everyone,” he said. He says he thanks God, his family, his two lawyers, Me Raouf Gulbul and Me Mamade Aleem Bocus. “They did a remarkable job throughout the trial. »

The deputy for constituency no. 8 (Moka/Quartier-Militaire) recalls that the case started three years ago: “It all started with a false affidavit sworn by Ms. Simla Kistnen in Court and a 'Private Prosecution'. Although the first Private Prosecution was rejected by the Court, they insisted on filing a second one. A formal charge was then filed. »

According to the former Minister of Commerce, “in court, we saw to what extent they hatched a plot just to harm me. 'Pou zet labou lor dimounn ek pu fer bann an egasion ki pa bizin. You can find out what happens in this world and how it is that people are afraid. Mo panse ena enn lalwa pou sa’”.
Yogida Sawmynaden says she respects all institutions. “Sakenn fer so travay. I don't know what you're talking about. Mwa mo na pa pou al pli lwin,” he emphasizes.

The former Minister of Commerce once again wanted to thank all his constituents and all those who supported him “during this long fight”. “Today is victory. Justice has triumphed. And as the saying goes: patience is bitter fruit but its fruit is sweet,” he concludes.

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