As Euro 2024 kicked off on Friday evening, excitement is growing not only in Europe, but also in Mauritius where football fans are sharing their expectations and hopes. It is an opportunity for some Mauritians to remember old editions, while for others, it is an opportunity to discover European football at its peak.

Franco Quirin: “It’s not easy with the broadcast of 12 matches”

Quirin“I will follow Euro 2024, whether with family or friends. Depending on my schedule, I will follow the matches as much as possible. I will support France, but I will not neglect the other matches either, especially those where England will be in action or the host country, Germany. In short, it will depend on the matches that will be broadcast on television. However, this is not easy with the broadcast of 12 matches. So, unfortunately I won't be able to enjoy them all at home. You will have to move to public places with friends.

In any case, I hope that France will perform well, but we will have to be wary of the Netherlands. So it’s certainly not a foregone conclusion for the Blues or the other favorites. The competition will be tough. »

Ashok Chundunsing: “There could well be surprises”

Chundunsing“This competition could well end with a surprise. Nowadays, players who did not usually have the chance to compete against the best now have the opportunity to play in the best championships in Europe. A good example is Switzerland. The Nati has seen its game progress over time thanks to its players who have learned a lot in the major championships. I'm thinking of Granit Xhaka with Bayer Leverkusen or even Xherdan Shaqiri, who needs no introduction. We must not forget Albania either. A poor country, but with a big-hearted population. The Albanians will certainly take advantage of the Euro to prove themselves and try to make their way to the major championships. Unlike Italy, for example, whose players are tired and need rest. So, let's not neglect the “small” teams in this competition. There might well be surprises. »

Ruqayyah Kinoo: “I have a weakness for Spain”

Kinoo “It is always with the greatest pleasure that I will follow the Euro, a major competition where all the renowned European players will compete. Rivals in their respective championships will be called upon to play together and I am thinking in particular of England, where players from Liverpool and Manchester United will have to stick together. Likewise, the Spanish players of the big “clásicos”, including those of Real Madrid and Barça, despite their rivalries in La Liga, will play as one man and apply the coach's tactics. Personally, I have a weakness for Spain and their technical football, but France and England will be the teams to beat. Let's not neglect Italy either, which knows how to win trophies. »

Stephan Toussaint: “Time will be lacking”

ToussaintI have always been a fervent supporter of the France team, but I like the beautiful game, especially when it is England or Italy who are playing. At home, my daughter supports Germany and my two sons are fans of England and Spain. Fortunately my wife doesn't have a specific team, which would have complicated things even more (laughs). But for fun, I like watching the Netherlands team play. Based on the results of the friendlies, it's a bit difficult to pick a favorite, although I hope it's France who wins. We will therefore have to wait and see the teams evolve to better understand them. However, let's not neglect the outsiders, notably Denmark, as was the case in the past. Unfortunately, as an active politician on the ground, time will be in short supply. It's going to be difficult to watch all the matches, but I'll keep up to date with the results and make a special effort to watch the final.

Alain Lim Kee Chong: “Germany has a good chance”

Lim Kee Chong“The Euro is like a second World Cup, with great teams competing against each other. Nowadays, all teams are very strong, but sometimes it only takes one or two players to make the difference. I think Germany, who will have the advantage of playing at home, has a good chance. I would therefore say that the title should be played between Germany and France, even if a surprise cannot be ruled out. In terms of refereeing, it has progressed well unlike my time. Nowadays, with VAR, even the top referees don't make key decisions. They prefer to wait for VAR to call on them to be able to view the actions and avoid seeing their decisions be reversed. So, expect there to be some refereeing errors during this competition. Certainly, technology has evolved, but it is still man who controls VAR and failures cannot be ruled out. »

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