Climate change spares no one, not even our paradise island. Walking along some of our beaches, it is obvious that erosion is gaining ground. These threaten to disappear under the effect of increasingly frequent and intense waves and storms.

The beaches in the north of the island are particularly affected. From Balaclava to Trou-aux-Biches, along the coastal road, you can observe the damage caused by erosion. The situation is even more alarming in Mon-Choisy, where large portions of the beach have been washed away. Cavities have formed and although rehabilitation efforts have been undertaken, Mother Nature is not kind.

Continuing towards Cap-Malheureux, Anse-la-Raie, Poste-Lafayette and Bras-d'Eau, the same spectacle of desolation reigns. Coasts are being disfigured by climate change.

Rising sea levels have forced the installation of stone and concrete infrastructure along the coastal road from Quatre-Sœurs to Anse-Jonchée. Fitness trails have been set up to provide leisure and walking areas for residents, but these initiatives are not enough to hide the loss of our natural heritage. The images speak for themselves: places deemed idyllic are gradually losing their splendor.

The threat is real and it is imperative that we act to preserve what remains of our beaches. The fight against climate change and its destructive effects must therefore become a priority.

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