QuestionsAccommodation-HotelsWhich places to stay would you recommend for solo female traveler?
Anonymous asked 3 months ago

Hello! I am flying to Mauritius solo soon and I will stay there for 2 weeks. I would like to move around by public transport/ busses and stay in 2-3 places. Which places to stay would you recommend for solo female traveler? For sure one of the places I want to visit is Le Morne kite lagoon I would like to rent kite equipment and (if there will be good wind) do kitesurfing. Any kite schools recommendations? From where is the best way to get to the kite beach? I was thinking about Le Morne Brabant or the other side Le Morne (keep in mind I don’t have a car 🙈) Is renting a bike a good idea? So many questions ☺️ I would be grateful for any tips☺️

Megane Fabre answered 3 months ago

Willow-River Shakes Tonkin for kite surfing 🫶

Vyas Adheen answered 3 months ago

Welcome 😊

Georges Leung answered 3 months ago

Dont bike on roads

Comforting Memories answered 3 months ago

For the South East, you can stay at Preskil resort, which will give you easy access to Point D’esny beach and Blue bay beach, both of which are beautiful snorkeling havens. It will also allow you to tour Mahebourg and its environs.

Pacha Decouverte answered 3 months ago

Giù Lietta give her some advice 😉🇲🇺

Ti Ri Ven answered 3 months ago

Welcome 😜any help feel free ask 😉

Jeffrey Massé answered 3 months ago

Kite At North Mauritius
If you want to visit the north and
You can get accommodation too

Ti Ri Ven answered 3 months ago

Sugar beach ambre and le paradis

Salomé Faria answered 3 months ago

I’ve been there by myself and it was great!
I suggest to stay in Mahebourg, Le Morne and around Grand Baie.
Long distance are tough by bus, for your transfers take a taxi for the day and enjoy visit several place during the day, you’ll save much more time and money! 😉

Rohan Sookhee answered 3 months ago

Shinee Car Rental – Mauritius It is better to rent a car and go around at ease.

Adrian Ashton answered 3 months ago

KiteGlobing is brilliant at C Beach Club

Akash Amit answered 3 months ago

well if you want surfing then try somewhere near le monde…kite equipmenrs are available thete

Kenny Nagloo answered 3 months ago

Mauritius is fairly small. Stick to 2 places perhaps North West and South West and you should be able to cover the island with day trips. You will also have access to more accommodation for longer stays, and may get better price. Your best options for kite surfing is in South West and South East (Le Morne and Pointe d’Esny). Have a great trip and make the most of it!

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