QuestionsGeneral-MiscDoes the minimum wage increase to Rs 15,000 justify a pay raise for all?
AggravatedMonkeyGirl asked 5 months ago

So if I am not mistaken there is usually an increase every year on the minimum salary usually by a small amount e.g. Rs500 however this year represents a significant increase of Rs3,925. So let's say Worker A joined a company in Jan 2023 on a basic salary of Rs17,000 and Worker B started at the company in a lower level role in Jan 2023 on the minimum basic Rs11,075. So now in 2024 the minimum wage for worker B will increase by Rs3,925 to Rs 15,000 however worker A will not receive an increase.I am just wondering does this justify worker A to ask for a raise by the same amount and if so what would be a reasonable limit i.e. is it justified for someone earning Rs 30k or 50k to do the same?

Brooklyn7011 answered 5 months ago

Most likely not. But this will be individual to each company, sometimes even each department

ajaxsirius answered 5 months ago

You can always ask.

Doesn’t mean they’ll give you what you ask, but it also doesn’t mean you’ll stay if they say no.

aramjatan answered 5 months ago

I’m suffering from a momentary case of the dum ☉ ‿ ⚆ What does this Rs 3,925 correspond to?

Sad_Preference_1468 answered 5 months ago

Does it make sense to say that if we don’t do anything about the government and its inappropriate policies like the one of minimum wage at Rs15000, it means that the Mauritian population is a population that supports terrorists?

Significant_Ratio916 answered 5 months ago

In my opinion, person A doesn’t have grounds to ask for a raise in this situation. The concept of minimum wage is designed to bridge the gap between lower and middle income earners. If person A receives an equivalent increase, it would be counter intuitive. However you can always refer to increasing cost of living and general inflation If you want a raise

AcrobaticScience4915 answered 5 months ago

You will receive a compensation of Rs2000.

Sad_Preference_1468 answered 5 months ago

The concept of minimum salary is to give people a wage they can live with and is government policy, completely independent of company, or even PRB way of estimating what an employee is worth, to me.

Maybe an employee A deserves a raise but maybe not, I wouldn’t dare to venture and say whether raise of A depends on minimum wage because who knows, maybe even the foundation of the modern monetary system is flawed…

Your question is more theology/philosophy/banking? than economics I would say.

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