QuestionsGeneral-MiscShould i shift from Imperial College to Sookdeo Bissoondoyal State College?? (Need help please)
SlashDr7 asked 5 months ago

Hi. Just got my NCE Results back and got a seat reserved at sookdeo. Just wanted to ask all the ppl who went/goes there for feedback. What are the pros and cons???

salmankm answered 5 months ago

Never been there, but with Mr Panday, Ruddy and from what i’ve seen on social media, absolutely yes. SBSC seems great

Le_denicheur answered 5 months ago

Firstly congrats.

And the SBSC is a good college (far better than Imperial)

Agreeable_Cookie1565 answered 5 months ago

I was a student at Basdeo studying my A-levels. , I can tell you my experience at SBBC, even though there are good teachers in Maths, accounting , Art and computing subjects. If you don’t take private tuition from good private tutors , possibly you might not get a good grade. Let me know you chosen subject, I can direcl to good private teachers from state colleges such as Sir Leckraz Teeluck, John Kennedy or Royal college. I do not meet teachers at SKSC is NOT GOOD in any way. It is your call

Choice_Bass9478 answered 5 months ago

Sookdeo is great with great teachers, plus the lab attendees are very friendly and helpful

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