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SuddenAd1640 asked 10 months ago

Hello everyone, I am excited to announce that I have made the decision to immigrate to Canada. However, I need some advice on the best flight option from Mauritius to Toronto, taking into consideration both cost and luggage weight allowances. So far, I have found that Emirates offers a satisfactory solution as they handle all flight legs themselves and allow for 2 x 20 kg cargo luggages. In terms of pricing, Air France and British Airways fall within a similar range, around 2-3K. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts or advice you may have on this matter. Thank you all.

ciphersaw answered 10 months ago

I always go with Air Canada because it’s usually very cheap compared to other flights. Service is good and personally, I have no complaints.

notyetcomitteds2 answered 10 months ago

Ive done emirates, turkish, and air france from u.s. to mauritius and back ( in recent history). They were all good. Turkey is the only place i used my mauritian passport to exit the airport. Did the visa online and border control was super easy. Rented a taxi for a day ( about 6 hrs) for $150 usd to take me around the city. Spent another $50 on tickets and food. Had a 10 hr layover.

I found air france to be the snootiest. In general, i always just look for simply whats cheapest. The major airlines are all pretty similar.

If you got the budget to leave the airport, I’d look into it. Like i could never imagine booking an actual vacation to paris, but the layover was good enough to check it off my list.

L4993Rz answered 10 months ago

First of all, congrats and good luck on this new chapter.
I would choose Emirates personally because they do go above and beyond in all aspects of the service, and you can get upgraded to business simply by being first in line to ask when boarding and there being spaces free.

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