QuestionsSports-ActivitiesHow much time is required for Chamarel and 7 colored earth?
Anonymous asked 4 months ago

How much time is required for Chamarel and 7 colored earth?
How close can you come to Chamarel waterfall viewpoint with car?

Ganessen Vythilingum answered 4 months ago

About 30 minutes. You will park just few steps to the water falls and the 7 colour earth also. But please check if weather will be favourable for the outing. 😊

Philip Michael Ingman answered 4 months ago

100m parking to waterfall, rest of park is easy walk from each parking area. Whole thing less than 2 hours if driving between sites.

Michael Rajnat answered 4 months ago

Not long, 30 minutes.

Libor Vajgl answered 4 months ago

it has no value for the money any other free hikes are much more better.. but it’s my opinion

Michael Rajnat answered 4 months ago

For Chamarel.

Radek Bbery answered 4 months ago

It’s by car to the place. First, the parking lot opposite the waterfalls, 20m. And Seven colors in the next parking lot 200m. You pay at the entrance right at the beginning, don’t be surprised, there is a barrier at the top and behind it a window for payment

Pink's Sweets answered 4 months ago

Not than 30mins from the view point

Krishna Harry answered 4 months ago

20min by car I think but if you add the viewing time then maybe 1 hr

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