QuestionsTourism-AdviceAre reef shoes required for the beaches there?
Anonymous asked 4 months ago
Are reef shoes required for the beaches there?

Ian Head answered 4 months ago

All depends where you are going most places you will need them

Nirat Rth answered 4 months ago

not necessary but advised to wear on certain beaches !

Teresa Harris answered 4 months ago

Definitely needed on the East coast lots of coral washed up in shore & on the beaches & we were told to wear in the sea at all times due to the stone fish in the sea.

Wendy Trotter answered 4 months ago

Took several pairs but didn’t need them in Trou Aux Biches maybe I just got lucky.

Daksha Moodley answered 4 months ago

For some of the beaches yes.

May Linn Alexandre answered 4 months ago

I have never needed shoes swimming at any beaches in the North.

Andras Judak answered 4 months ago

Go safe and get a proper one. I had an accodent with a stonefish, and the thin reef shoe did not matter at all.

Tina Günter answered 4 months ago

Will Kids need them at belle mare?

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