QuestionsTourism-AdviceHello! first time in Mauritius… is it easy move around the island?…
Anonymous asked 4 months ago

Hello! first time in Mauritius… is it easy move around the island?
by bus/public transport is it possible? … there is any page I can check timetable?

thanks how will help

Patrick Louise answered 4 months ago

Would say very difficult Maybe hire a car or get prices for taxi have a think what you want to see on the island and how much times you have to do it all

Mauritius vip Tours & transfers answered 4 months ago


Hossein Banharally answered 4 months ago

Public transport is not that great besides to hire a car. During the day it OK. In the evenings and weekends you might to wait for a awhile for the next if you miss your bus

Irene Fiedler answered 4 months ago

Buses are great without luggage and if you have much time!

Benito Jm answered 4 months ago

Hire a car!!! Cheapest and fastest way to move around the island!! .. Taxi is expensive especially if you need it everyday .. Bus is never on time, no time table, and quite uncomfortable. you can try it for fun 😅

Cat Cansler answered 4 months ago

Great way to experience places and inexpensive (around $1 or €1 per trip)! Each bus has its own personality. The collectors are very helpful letting you know where to go. Most buses come every 20 minutes or so but the timetable will give more information. Check out the website from previous contributor. 🚌

Saleem Housee answered 4 months ago

Bus is cheapest but beware they stop early around 6:00 pm.A brand new tram system is cool but doesn’t cover much as it’s in its early stages.

Saleem Housee answered 4 months ago

Keep small change for buses

Sarah Lake answered 4 months ago

Public transport involves lots of changes and takes a long time to get anywhere with the exception of the North (within this area) or the North to Port Louis, which is straightforward.

Saleem Housee answered 4 months ago

Locals and regular visitors may use a cheap hop on mini bus or taxis service for short distances

Thanaz Desalles answered 4 months ago

depen on where you are relate to your other post rui there is non public transport. also another key point all you morning activity is better to take a taxi

Billy Long answered 4 months ago

You can get around the island by bus but it will be slow. At the stations you just need to ask the bus drivers which bus to take to your destination. The metro rail is faster but only runs from Curepipe to Port Louis. Best to rent a car

Hire a car, that the best way to move around the island 🏝

Ashvin Jeebun answered 4 months ago

Bus dont have ac.
You will not enjoy your holiday with sweat in the bus.
Drive a car or rent a scooter use google map for your movement.

Amita Rose answered 4 months ago

Bus is very convenient depending the area you are staying as some hotel are very far from city n villages so limited bus. BUT IF U R IN GRAND BAY. Trous aux biches, Mont choisy pereybere, Blacklava , bellemare, Flic en flac. Mahebourg its easy to use public transport. Yet visiting remote areas u must book a taxi for few places which is more convenient n save time

Anna Bella answered 4 months ago

No no fuel is too expensive better hire a horse or cow cart, yeah😂

Gaby Devyll answered 4 months ago

Once it gets dark everything stops. That’s the original timetable.

Ruxandra Pop answered 4 months ago

Taxi or rent a car. No bus!!!!

Princess Gina answered 4 months ago

Don’t go alone, better hire a guide with his car , safer for you guys

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