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Anonymous asked 4 months ago

Hi hi! Looking to have a small temple wedding (Tamil)
Please recommend a guru that can accommodate for the gathering of all items required for a traditional Tamil wedding.
I'm from South Africa and would love to get married at the temple in Mauritius since we're traveling there🥰
My family and I would like to just "show up" and not have to run around for any items.
Thank you 🫶

Anju Ruby answered 4 months ago

Wendy Mootooveeroo can you advise?

Vilasha Varden answered 4 months ago

Hi which date

Shanjiv Jethoo answered 4 months ago

There r lots of Chettiars in Mauritius 🇲🇺.
U will feel at Home.
Thank u.

Leena Rajanah Vimala answered 4 months ago

Poste de flacq tamil temple

Joanna Curpanen answered 4 months ago

Sanjiven Guruarts Nesha Govinden Marday can you advise?

Ashil Bodasing answered 4 months ago

Make sure you have all the proper documentation. I thought it would be as easy as just getting a priest, but the require documentation from your country of citizenship as well. Declarations from home affairs and such…

Sabrina Sonatun answered 4 months ago

Hello… Are u interested to get married at the kovil of terre rouge?? If yes contact me i can arrange with the swami here

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