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Anonymous asked 2 months ago
I hope this is ok!

Ladies, I am trying to pack for this holiday.
Plenty of swimwear but how are the evenings, what is good for day wear and exploring the areas?!

I am a typical Brit, jeans and jumper person so this is tough for me lol

Tips or pics of outfits appropriate for this island please! Help lol

Jan Laws answered 2 months ago

I’m going to follow with interest as going in June and like you a jeans n jumper girl 🙈! Have a great holiday 😎☀️

Rae Layton answered 2 months ago

I’m there in 28 days and will be in denim shorts and body suit for exploring 😁 may e a summer dress for lunch and some nice dresses for evenings 😁 and flip flops, lots of flip flops 😁

Neervana Thandrayen answered 2 months ago

Jeans, tshirt, sunblock & hat – flats/flip flops

Payal Gajadhur answered 2 months ago

As a Mauritian living in the uk, winter in Mauritius is very different from that in uk plz do not bring any jumper or sweater to Mauritius.shorts, skirts, loose comfy tops and t shirts are going to be your friend along with your swim wear.

Vix Kennedy answered 2 months ago

I pretty much lived in a kaftan and shorts with a tankini costume underneath. It’s very hot there compared to UK, I went in January. BTW there are loads of places selling kaftan and the wraps so if I came again I’d bring bare basics and buy there

Adelle Tulip answered 2 months ago

I wore just floaty dresses and was fine. (Always cold in the UK).
Added some examples of what i wore July/Aug 2023

Beaute Du Sud Est answered 2 months ago

I would suggest packing a mix of casual and slightly dressier outfits just in case you decide to check out some of the island’s restaurants or going to some other places .For a more relaxed and casual vibe, you could still incorporate your jeans and jumper into your daytime explorations in Mauritius. And also can be used for those cooler evenings. It’s all about finding the balance between comfort and style, so feel free to mix and match your favorite pieces to create outfits that suit your personal style while keeping you comfortable during your adventures on the island!, And of course, don’t forget some comfortable shoes for all that exploring! And also a hat and sunglasses for sun protection too!

Hope this helps! Let me know if you need any more tips or specific outfit ideas. Safe travels! 😊🌴

Michelle Louise Knott answered 2 months ago

If you want to explore inland light weight long sleeves and thin trousers in nature areas or you’ll need mosquito repellant. 34 bites by the end of the week for me. You won’t need a Cardigan as it is so warm leave the jeans at home. Bring a light rain coat for showers

Ildiko McCabe answered 2 months ago

I like to be girly and have a few items in my “capsule wardrobe” that I only wear at resorts (it doesn’t really fit into my Alaska lifestyle 😂). I like big flowy dresses. I put a few more of my outfits in the comments below this comment. ☺️

Donna Bennett Was Liston answered 2 months ago

Shorts & cool tops is what I wore during day, flowy dresses in evenings, you certainly won’t want jeans/jumpers lol x

Charlotte Ann answered 2 months ago

With light fabrics you don’t need to spend a lot. H&M, Zara, Accessorize. It may be a bit difficult out of season. Of course you can get lots there but not so practical when you are on holiday. Hotel or resort shops will have nice things but are more expensive. I happen to know through family Hansine which is perfect but budget dependent.

Serena Bass-hayes answered 2 months ago


Vee Rider answered 2 months ago

It is way too hot for jeans. Leave them at home. It is very warm at the moment. I opted for flowy skirts and dresses and tank tops. I had a batwing thin long-sleeve see-through satin shirt and a long flowy skirt for the evenings to avoid mozzies and be able to use less Mozzy spray.

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