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Anonymous asked 2 months ago

So, another new low from Air Mauritius. You can check in online 24 hours before the flight but then have to pay to select a seat - an unprecedented policy that no other airline uses. (Why would I check in online if I can't book a seat?) Then, I offered to pay so my 13-year-old daughter could sit beside her mom at the call centre. "Sorry, but it's not possible." They will have to take their chances at the airport since there are two separate bookings. Apart from the unreliability, there is clearly someone who hates customers in charge of policy at Air Mauritius

Adele Lucas-Bruwer answered 2 months ago

Yes! I checked my husband in online yesterday for a flight today and I could not actually do it and select the seat unless I paid Rs400!
He travels frequently and this is the 1st time they have done this.
It’s sooo rude!!
air Mauritius

Adele Lucas-Bruwer answered 2 months ago

You can check in 2 people on different bookings online together.
Just select “Add passenger”
I did it for my husband and a friend yesterday who had separate bookings. But had to pay for the seat

Vaskar Nag answered 2 months ago

Oh! I checked in online for both ways only 8 hours before the flight and there was no charge.Did not pay earlier
I had a code share flight, however checkin was possible through air mauritius only.

Yajna Sodhoo Hardowar answered 2 months ago

I travelled with air mauritius last week, I logged in the website and selected my seats for son and I with no issue. And I checked in online on the eve of our departure.

I made sure my son and I get seats together once I got my e-ticket which was straightaway- hassle free.

I read also that when travelling with a child you may select seats free of charge maybe my son is below the age of 12 years ( I don’t recall the age limit)

Neetesh Iyapah answered 2 months ago

Loads of airlines charge a fee for seat selection before the check in online 24 hour window it’s not just air Mauritius- recalled last week and check in online and seat selection was free during the 24 hour window- anytime before that there is a charge.

Nadine Toi answered 2 months ago

It depends on the seats selected, it’s the same for Kenya Airways.

Laurence Fregona answered 2 months ago

Why subject oneself to this? Put them on the “no fly” list.

Kalam Azad answered 2 months ago

I am reading conflicting comments. Some have been requested to pay for a seat of their choice , while others didn’t pay anything to choose a seat. In all fairness what’s the big deal? Rs250 payment to secure the seat of your choice. I find it an insignificant amount if we look at what we are paying for the tickets/ hotels etc. It’s just around $5.
Consider the quality of the service on board. Good quality food lavishly served , a pouch with stationery therein, free earphones ( we have to rent them on other airlines), etc.

Andre Cheung answered 2 months ago

It’s a scam for them to make more money and plus often they change seats on passengers…

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