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Anonymous asked 4 months ago

Thank you for all the advice and information you gave me, you helped me so much before and during my trip to Mauritius. I would like to help those who will travel soon by writing below "the advice I would give to a friend".

Consider that we are a couple (40 years old), no children and we chose to stay in 3 different apartments in 3 different areas, we rented a car and toured the whole island. We drove 1200km.

Period: December.

RENTAL CAR: for me it is essential, it makes you independent and flexible. Driving is very easy (even driving on the left which worried me is easy to learn), I didn't find it dangerous. Parking is easy and free everywhere (except in Port Louis). I chose Pingouin Car Rental and the service was excellent.

BEACHES: it is not true that the beaches are occupied by the resorts, in 3 weeks I only saw one beach owned by a resort. Search Google Maps for "public beach" and you will find beautiful ones everywhere.

PORT LOUIS: I don't recommend visiting unless you have a lot of days, the market is nothing that interesting. Driving around you will find many markets in the hinterland frequented only by locals and much more beautiful and characteristic. In the real part of the city there is confusion and decay. The umbrella area was built only for tourists and is fake and commercial.

NORTHERN ISLANDS: Honestly, they didn't excite me. Lots of boats with music that all leave at the same time and drop off tourists in the same places. Nice but nothing more, the snorkeling is disappointing.

ILE AUX CERFS: I found it beautiful. Avoid classic cruises. Set "Point Maurice" in Google Maps, you will arrive at the gates of a resort, tell the guardian that you want to go to Ile aux Cerfs and he will give you directions: with 450 rupees they will put you on a boat that will take you immediately to the island and included in the price you will get a cot. I went on a Monday, it wasn't crowded, and in any case people are in the bar area, if you walk away for a few minutes you will find deserted beaches. Nice snorkeling is in the sea urchin area.

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE FOR ME: kayak excursion in the middle of the mangroves with a guide, with Yemaya Adventures, it was exciting, relaxing and very instructive because the guides give you so much information. BEST SNORKELING: At Blue Bay and Pointe d'Esny beaches.


MY FAVORITE RESTAURANT: it's not a restaurant, but I had the best lunch at the kiosk near the church on Cap Malheureux beach. Ask them for a fish, they will cook it for you on the BBQ, and ask them to bring your table to you on the beach, you will eat one meter from the water.

CASELA PARK: if you have children it can be ok, otherwise I didn't find it unforgettable. The birds are in small, nondescript cages. I found felines that are forced to be petted all day long sad. If you want to be in contact with turtles and take photos together I recommend you go to the Land of 23 Colors. Speaking of turtles: turtles like to be scratched under the neck, try it, you will become his best friend.

MOSQUITOES: they are there but it's not that terrible, they just bite at sunset. Just use a repellent at that time and when you go inside the forest.

FOOD: try as many things as you can, it's all delicious. But a food that really surprised me in a positive way was dhal puri. If someone here in the group hadn't recommended it to me, I would never have tasted it because it's aesthetically ugly, but it's so good.

In summary: I would choose the south to experience the forest and tropical nature. I would choose the north for the colors and the views. I would choose the southeast for snorkeling.

Avoid choosing accommodation in the area from Ile aux Cerfs to above Mahebourg, the sea is not suitable for swimming, the water is brown and smelly, there are no services. I hope to be useful to someone and remember that mine are strictly personal opinions, born from my experience, the way I experience travel and my tastes.

Happy Mauritius everyone!

João Guerreiro answered 4 months ago

Grazie mille 🙏

James Haton answered 4 months ago

So True . Thanks

Dave answered 4 months ago

you have given such an informative and thoughtful summary of your advice .I hope you will come back to continue your exploration of this island . As an extremely frequent visitor to Mauritius , I would like to encourage you and other visitors to experience some other highlights :Try exploring the central parts as well – Black River gorges Park , the waterfalls Tamarin , sept cascades , Ganga Talao ( a must ) , then le Morne , Aapravasi Ghat … these are national parks and sites and not commercial enterprises run by businesses as many other attractions .- Port Louis has other attractions I would recommend : the racecourse , the Citadelle, the Reine de la Paix momument , the nature museum , the harbour and port area and the Slavery museum . – What makes Mauritius worth coming back to is the amazing people in their diversity of cultures , their smiles and their natural goodwill and openness to visitors .. they have warmth and sociability and are an example to the world .one area definitely for visitors to experience is the variety of nature trails , hikes , mountains and inland treks … many are very manageable for most people and they are truly worthwhile .It is also one of the best places in the world for its street food – safe , high quality and consisting of the major cuisines of the world … Mauritians are very discriminating in their taste for good food .

Ludo Tocco answered 4 months ago

A port Louis come hai fatto con il parcheggio?

Kate Griffiths answered 4 months ago

This is super helpful in helping me plan my month in feb. Thank you so much! X

Dee Bella answered 4 months ago

Everyone has their own opinion of the island. The umbrella in Port Louis is beautiful. Caudan Waterfront is gorgeous. Where is the confusion and degradation in the city???? Explain please
The island is beautiful and more to explore. You probably didn’t go to so many places.

Debbie Nichols answered 4 months ago

Thank you for writing this, so helpful 😊

Bernard Wiehe answered 4 months ago

There is no such thing as “ resort owned beaches “ .

Nushrath Nojib answered 4 months ago

Ludo Tocco you can also buy prepaid coupon parking cards at fuel stations n fill them up according to the zone u parked. These r usually for urban regions. Villages usually hv free parking.
Zone 1 is rs 20 for 30 mins
Zone 2 is rs 10 for 30 mins
Total maximum is 2hrs that u can park in the same spot

Vlasta Castkova answered 4 months ago

Totally agree with everything you wrote. Especially with Casela nature park. Was there with kids and they did not enjoy it as much as La Vanille, where they obviously take better care of the animals. We were shocked to see that the turtles have stupid peoples names engraved in their shields. Absolutely unacceptable!!!

Nadia Naidoo-Carelse answered 4 months ago

Thanks Alessia, this is so helpful. Xx

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