Contrary to many popular beliefs, playing car racing video games does not make you a bad driver, on the contrary. Indeed, according to a study by the British website Auto Trader, racing video game players are better drivers than non-players. 41% of gamers surveyed believe they have excellent driving skills, compared to just 13% of non-gamers. Players have higher self-confidence on the road. 56% of them say that their gaming experience had a positive impact on their real-world driving, notably by improving their reaction time and spatial awareness.

Racing video game players have a higher number of points on their driving license than non-players. Only 15% of gamblers have ever lost points on their license for dangerous driving, compared to 28% of non-gamblers.

But car racing video game players sometimes engage in dangerous behavior on the road, such as using cell phones while driving. A quarter of the players surveyed had points taken off their license for this offense, compared to only 4% of non-players. On the other hand, non-players are more often caught speeding, 85% of them compared to 71% of players.

“Our study shows a slight correlation between regular playing of racing video games and safer driving habits. However, all drivers, whether players or not, must respect road safety rules. New technologies available on new cars can also help avoid speeding penalties and reduce the temptation to use your cell phone while driving,” comments Erin Baker, Editorial Director of Auto Trader.

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