Opposition leader Arvin Boolell paid a final tribute to Siddick Chady on Monday. Arvin Boolell went to his residence in Belle-Rose to offer his condolences to his family. He confides that he has known Siddick Chady for a very long time, since their years at university and also because they were in the same political party.

The opposition leader explains that Siddick Chady had a remarkable career and that in 1995, he made his family proud when he became minister. For Arvin Boolell, Siddick Chady always had the courage to “bring down the house” and he was close to his electorate. He also adds that he contacted him when the latter returned home after serving his prison sentence. He believes that the fighting spirit that Siddick Chady showed in these difficult times deserves to be saluted.

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