Do you dream of augmented reality (AR) without having to wear suitable glasses? Singaporean researchers have the solution. These are smart contact lenses whose batteries are recharged by the tears in your eyes. According to Agence France Presse (AFP), researchers at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore have developed a flexible battery as thin as a human cornea. A saline solution, identical to tears, is capable of supplying them with energy. These batteries will be used to power connected contact lenses.

The goal of these smart contact lenses is to be able to display visible information on the cornea. If, initially, they have a therapeutic purpose, they could then be used as sources of information, games or even to take photos and make videos. For several months, work at Nanyang Technological University has focused on a battery that is recharged using tear fluid, composed of water and salts. The tears will increase the battery life by one hour, estimated at 12 hours with a conventional recharge.

The battery is approximately 0.2 millimeters thick. It is made of biocompatible materials, meaning it does not contain any wires or toxic metals, as is the case in lithium-ion batteries or wireless charging systems. The coating is based on glucose and reacts with the sodium and potassium ions contained in the saline solution. A first patent has been filed.

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