• His wife was extricated from the car in serious condition

Kevin Sreeneebus, aged 33, was a young man full of qualities. He was friendly, protective, generous, always ready to help his neighbor and had a great sense of humor. He had put these virtues at the service of two noble professions that he loved. He was first a police officer, then he joined the Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service. Devoted element, loving husband and exemplary son, this resident of Quatre-Bornes met a tragic end. Thursday evening, returning from visiting friends, he was with his wife in their car when the misfortune happened.

The firefighter lost control of his vehicle on the M3 motorway, near the Avenir roundabout, Saint-Pierre, and ended up hitting a low wall. The impact was violent. He did not survive the shock. As for his wife Priska, she was extricated from the car in serious condition. She is currently admitted to Victoria Hospital, Candos.

Under what circumstances did this tragedy occur? This is what Saint-Pierre police investigators are trying to determine. In addition to the injuries due to this violent impact, an injury caused by a sharp object was also detected on the driver.

For the victim's loved ones, it's difficult to think that anyone could blame Kevin Sreeneebus. “He was always friendly. Li koz bien ek tou dimounn, zame linn gagn problem,” says Dhanraj Sreeneebus, his uncle.

Kevin Sreeneebus has always set a good example. “My nephew was good at everything. He loved helping his neighbor. After his studies, he wanted to be part of the police force. He sent his application and was accepted after passing the selection tests,” he says.

This is how he began his career in law enforcement within the Special Mobile Force. A position that suited him. “He loved playing sports, especially football,” continues the uncle. Shortly after joining, he received more good news. “After the SMF, he joined the VIPSU (Very Important Person Security Unit). He was the bodyguard of the former President of the Republic, Barlen Vyapoory,” explains Dhanraj Sreeneebus with pride. Protect and serve: Kevin Sreeneebus fully assumed his responsibilities.

However, after a few years in the police force, he felt the need to use his skills in another area. “He then wanted to become a firefighter. He applied and was accepted once again. He left the police to join the fire fighters,” adds Dhanraj Sreeneebus. After his training, he was stationed at Plaisance airport.

Kevin Sreeneebus was the pride of his family. “He was the youngest in the family. He had four sisters and was very close to his mother. Two years ago, he got married,” confides his uncle. And the young man never missed an opportunity to be with his loved ones. “Especially his cousins. They are almost all the same age. They talked often and went on outings,” he says.

But while everything was going well for him in life, misfortune came to play spoilsport. Thursday June 13 was his day off. With his wife, they went to visit friends in Calebasses in the north of the island. It was on the way back, in the evening, that the accident occurred.

Colleagues devastated by his sudden disappearance: “Travay pa ti fer li per…”

Kevin Sreeneebus' colleagues remember him as motivated and diligent in his interventions. “He started at the airport, it’s been five years already. He was a young man highly appreciated for his qualities. He didn't hesitate to go for results. I appreciated him for that. He was always moving forward. Losing him in such circumstances upsets us all,” confides the airport’s Chief Fire Officer.
Pravesh, who worked in the same team as Kevin for two years, says he lost “more than a colleague”. “We had the same shifts. The day before this accident, we worked together. He was more than a colleague, he was a close friend. He was dedicated and very diligent in his profession. His sudden disappearance leaves a great void. I wish his wife a speedy recovery,” he says.

A former colleague of the victim, who has retired, remembers Kevin as a courageous person. “He’s a very active guy. Travay pa ti fer li per. Li ti enn bon imin,” adds this former Assistant Chief Fire Officer.

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