The hearing of witnesses in the trial brought against Bernard Maigrot for the murder of Vanessa Lagesse ended this Monday, June 24. The last statement read in the Assize Court this morning was that of Isabelle Maigrot, the suspect's wife, when she gave evidence as part of the preliminary investigation into the murder of the stylist in 2007.

A 'Court Manager' from the Rivière-du-Rempart district court read the deposition of Isabelle Maigrot because the latter is unwell and was unable to come to court. A doctor from the Northern Hospital produced a medical report to this effect.

In her testimony, Isabelle Maigrot returned to her schedule of March 9, 2001. She explained that around 8 p.m. on March 9, 2001, she went to a restaurant in Grand-Baie to have dinner in the company of her husband and of their two children.

Thierry Lagesse, his three children, Ingrid Espitalier Noël and a friend of his daughter were also present for this dinner.

Isabelle Maigrot also declared that at 10 p.m., she, her husband and their two children headed to Martine Desmarais' home in Pereybère and, around 1 a.m., they returned home.

Isabelle Maigrot also discussed the arrest of her husband on April 23, 2001. She reported that four individuals armed with batons had come to her house. They did not reveal their identities and proceeded to violently arrest Bernard Maigrot.

Tomorrow, the prosecution and defense lawyers will proceed with their closing speeches. Note that the work of this trial is chaired by Judge Luchmyparsad Aujayeb.

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